10 Effortless Fitness Hacks for Slimmer and Healthy Body

10 Effortless Fitness Hacks for Slimmer and Healthy Body

Do I need to exercise every time to get a slimmer body? This question might pop up in your mind every now and then. The answer is – not necessarily.  Due to some health conditions, lack of interest or time, there is one amazing principle that you should follow: “Burn more calories than you take in.” This rule works wonders when accompanied with strict diet chart followed by a moderate workout activity like dancing, swimming, cycling or simply walking. Drink a lot of water, control your calorie intake by maintaining a stringent diet plan, stay active and remain accountable for every step you take and make reinforcements in your diet plan from time to time so as to keep yourself motivated. Read this article to find out effortless fitness hacks for a slimmer and healthy body without exercising.

10 Effortless Fitness Hacks for Slimmer and Healthy Body

1. Walk

Go for a short walk in a nearby park whenever you feel stressed. Walking for 15 minutes will provide you the same relaxation as a 200 calorie snack does.

2. Outdoor Games

Try to indulge yourself in the outdoor games that help shed extra pounds as they are perfect for warm-up. For instance, badminton, basketball, volleyball, swimming, etc., will make a good choice instead of sitting in front of your play station for long hours.

3. Clean your House

Cleaning is a great source of exercise and even better than hitting a gym. It will make your bones and muscles stronger and give you more energy equivalent to a bar of dark chocolate. Do not depend upon workers and laborers to help you out with the household tasks. Burn those extra calories without spending extra bucks on the gym and servants.

  • Wash your car instead of depending upon others to do it for you.
  • Volunteer for a cause or get involved in some housework like painting the walls, fixing the roof or cleaning the floor, etc., to maintain good health.

4. Stretch While Watching Television

Take time to stretch while watching television. This will relax your body muscles, improve posture and decrease the urge to eat frequently when sitting on the couch.

People tend to continue eating in front of TV or computer till the sitcom gets over. They unconsciously consume without noticing the quantity. This will add up the extra calories and increased weight.

5. Gardening

Gardening as an activity may sound boring to some, but that’s not the case. It relaxes your mind and body; enable you to connect with nature besides burning all those extra calories.

6. Replace Chair with Stability Ball

Sitting on a stability ball requires correct posture, and thus, calories get burnt in a large amount while maintaining that posture. Thus, it helps maintain a balanced weight.

7. Dance

Try out dance as it is a recreational activity. It will rejuvenate you and also help burn extra fat. You may different dance forms like hip-hop, cha-cha, locking, popping, salsa, contemporary, etc. Besides, dancing acts as an excellent mood lifter and stress buster.

8. Water

Have a glass of water before each meal and minimum 8 glasses of water every day. This will maintain the acid – alkaline balance in your body and increase metabolism, which will help reduce weight.

9. Green Tea

Replace green tea with regular tea.  Nowadays, this herbal decoction is widely used by fitness freaks as it helps you maintain weight.

10. Calorie Count

Try to burn more calories that you are taking in. Take help of food tracking app and ensure that you enter everything you eat. Set your daily target to lose weight and follow it up.

  • Alternatively, to keep calories under control, eat lots of fresh vegetables instead of pizza and bread as the carbohydrates present in vegetables can be digested more easily than bakery products.


  • Eat something before going for grocery shopping. It will make you feel fuller, and you won’t crave for junk food.
  • Carry a water bottle wherever you go. This trick will keep you away from sugary drinks, caffeinated drinks, and sodas.
  • Set an alarm clock and fix a time when you want to hit the gym so that you remain focused and determined.
  • Wear a pedometer. It will count your steps and motivate you to walk more.
  • Sleep for at least 7-8 hours at night.


  • Do not starve yourself as this leads to the accumulation of more fat in the body.
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