Seven Healthy Food

Today I am going to write about the food which keeps you enough strong, healthy and young. Do you know if your blood circulation is healthy according to your body then you never got attacked by diseases like diabetes or heart attacks. By the help of following food, you can increase your strength and health.

Pomegranate Juice:
According to Journal of Urology, pomegranate juice helps in making blood and it reduces weaknesses at specific time period as well.


Oat Meal:
Usage of oat meal helps in producing such hormones in blood, which gives enough strength to people, and it can also be helpful in making your married life better.


One Japanese research said that spinach gives us a lot of magnesium, which expand blood vessels. Blood makes its circulation more by this expansion and it will provide much more strength to human body.


It has Vitamin B and Boron, which increases the growth of such hormones which are helpful in good blood circulation. Good blood circulation is the key of successful healthy human body.


Green leaves and salad gives us Zinc and folate, it is very helpful in pregnancy and making new blood. “Go Green” is the best attitude towards healthy lifestyle, and eating raw vegetables is always considered safe and nutritious.

Citrus Fruits:

If you are having 2000 mg vitamin-c in your daily meal can increase blood circulation, enhance your fertile ability and also helpful in reducing infertility. Having plenty of citrus fruits will keep cleaning your blood, hence blood circulation will improve.

Blue Berries:

It contains soluble fiber, the best thing to use for constipation, digestion purpose and blood circulation too. It works like natural Viagra which makes married life comfortable and happier. Blue berries are the source to prevent heart and blood from cholesterol.

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